Corporate governance

Social responsibility

Since inception, we have sponsored several social and environmental initiatives.

We have been engaged in promoting breast cancer awareness since 2010. In addition to educating our crewmembers and local communities about breast cancer, we also have three aircraft painted in pink, the official color of the program, our crewmembers wear pink uniforms during the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month, and we often utilize our onboard magazine to promote awareness on this cause.

We also have a Corporate Volunteer Program with approximately 1,000 currently volunteering crewmembers which is mostly engaged in social and environmental projects in Brazil. We currently engage in social projects with 12 partner organizations, including Operation Smile, an international nonprofit medical service organization providing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide; and Noisinho da Silva, a Brazilian non-profit organization advocating for the inclusion of disabled children in society.

Through Operation Smile, in September 2016, our crewmembers flew 50 health professionals and approximately one ton of medical equipment to the state of Pará to perform approximately 50 cleft lip and palate surgeries on children. In addition to these surgeries, over 70 children who had undergone corrective surgery during our 2015 mission had reevaluation exams. In 2015 and 2016, we partnered with the non-profit organization Vaga Lume to assist communities along the Amazon River by collecting food, preparing meals, Reading to children and teenagers in the community, and offering library maintenance training to regional volunteers.

In 2012, we participated in a biofuel research and development study led by Embraer, Boeing and FAPESP and completed a demonstration flight using bio kerosene during the United Nations Rio+20 conference. We also have an in-flight recycling program, and all proceeds derived from this program are invested in social causes.

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