Corporate governance

Social responsibility

During the past year, we continued to support nonprofit organizations focused on the development of the country, specially in the areas of health, education and infrastructure. We supported Operation Smile, an international nonprofit medical service organization providing cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide. We also partnered with Vaga Lume, an entity that supports 163 communities along the Amazon River by collecting food, preparing meals, reading to children and teenagers in the community, and offering library maintenance training to regional volunteers. Another organization supported by Azul in 2017 was Litro de Luz, which provides illumination to underpriviledged communities by installing light poles and lamps powered by solar panels.

We have also been engaged in promoting breast cancer awareness since 2011. In 2017, we developed a project with Hospital Amor de Barretos to provide transportation to women undergoing surgery. We also maintained our partnership with Femama, a Brazilian nonprofit institution dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

As a result of our extensive network, we were the airline that transported the highest number of organs in Brazil in 2017. We also have an in-flight recycling program, and all proceeds derived from this program are invested in social causes.

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